We are delighted to announce that Sheema Mukherjee’s debut album “Sheema”

is out now on Vinyl with companion USB card enclosed containing high quality music files

and Street Spirit video.


Sheema Front Cover 350 pixel

Here’s a lovely review in The Observer by Neil Spencer

You can listen to clips of the tracks below



About ECC100 Records


Taking inspiration from the golden age of music in Britain, ECC100 releases vinyl records of the finest quality.

Hearkening back to a time when albums were eagerly anticipated, rushed straight home to the record player and listened to in one delicious sitting. A time when each and every element of the music, art, sleeve notes and lyrics were dissected, digested, discussed and enjoyed.

ECC100 seeks out exceptional new original music, explores the quirky and eclectic and celebrates the back catalogues of artists that we have loved for many years.

The artwork and notes surrounding ECC100 records are an extension of the music curated with respect for the compositions. The companion USB cards contain the highest quality sound files and additional media to enhance the listening experience.

In a world full of throwaway digital downloads and slews of singles ECC100 puts out albums designed to allow music fans to stop, sit and listen to the music, in all its glory, just as the artists intended.